Cedar Acres is a small family run, 10 acre farm specializing in breeding the KuneKune Pig. We endeavor to promote this wonderful breed to other small farms and homesteaders.  Our breeding program is geared to breeding purebred pigs and meeting the conformation standards with the characterized physical traits of the breed. We offer registered breeders, registered pets, and barrows.  Our pigs live their best lives, enjoy the freedom to forage in our 4 pastures, they receive all needed vaccines (will contour this protocol to customers needs) and socialized daily. Temperament-wise they are delightful, being placid, very friendly, and easy to maintain. They thrive on human company, and are extremely popular as pets. We have begun our meat program offering prime cuts, bacon and susage.



BETTY BOOP our Edgar Acres Wilson's Gina 7 - AKKPS 14741. DOB 1/3/2021. Double wattled. She has a wonderful temperment, loves to be around people and is a great mother. She is our laid back beauty. COI 9.4%

PUMPKIN came to us from Oak Valley Farms. DOB 8/4/2020. She is my prettiest with her coloring. Ginger (B). AKKPS 12913. Oak Valley Farms Kereopa 4.  No wattles but produced mostly wattled piglets.  She has produced 2 litters of mostly high white banded. Great mother and gentle personality.  COI 8.5%

JASMINE is my only ginger and black girl. Came to us from Scurvy Elephant Farm. BH Rebecca Gina 3. AKKPS 15576. DOB 3/10/21. No wattles but she is a beauty. She is expecting in April with her first litter. Can't wait to see her babies. COI 5.5%

AIRINI is our youngest gilt. Her name meaning Peace in Maori. DOB 12/16/2021. She came to me from Higher Ground. A white and brown (B), doubled wattled gilt. She is a Tapeka. AKKPS 22593. She is the perfect example of short and round. Her COI is 3.5%. This year she will be bred with Niko.

BELLA is my explorer. She came to me from JCM Family Farm. A brown and white, double wattled Wilsons Gina. AKKPS 20079. DOB 7/16/2021. She has been bred to Niko and will deliver her first litter in April. We look forward to watching her genetics play out. Her COI is 4.7%.

KNOX came to us from Hay Yall Farm in TN. Hense his name.  He is a BH Tutaki 2.  He is dual registered AKPR 23521 and AKKPS 15078. DOB 1/28/21. Doubled wattled and a beautiful solid cream.  He has sired 3 litters and all beautiful piglets.  Got 4 creams from him in his breeding with Betty.  He has a very calm disposition, beautiful color, great conformation. COI 5.3%

NIKO came to us from Edgar Acres. He is a Mahia Love APPKS 25039. DOB 3/13/2022. Double wattled, Black and White.  He is one of Bettys' offspring. He is very calm and gets along with everyone. COI 3.8%

AKAHATA meaning Supreme in Maori. Came to us from Carlise Acres.  He is a Ru, AKKPS 25161. Double wattled, Black and Ginger. DOB 4/21/2022. COI 3.16%. Look forward to watching him grow.

REBA AKKPS. Pure British 

DOLLY AKKPS  Pure British